Flying cars in the future would reduce traffic and reduce travel time.  Read on to know the top 5 Awesome Futuristic Flying Cars of the future:

  1. Pal-V Liberty flying car:

It has a three-wheel design and ensures soft tilting motion.  Presently only sports vehicles have the feature of soft tilting motion to ensure smooth drive in winding roads.  It is compatible with the road as well as sky travel.    Hence when the traffic increases, you can opt to fly.   It has a lot of provision for entertainment too.  This car flies using gyroplane feature which is turbulence-resistant.  By owning a Pal-V Liberty you can save the costs incurred on chartered flights/helicopters.

  1. The Delorean DR-7 Flying car:

It uses a full electric propulsion system.  Once you start the aviation mode, there will not be any emissions and thus environment protection is possible.

When fully charged you can enjoy up to 125 miles uninterrupted flight.  It has both manual and autopilot options.  It is lightweight and energy-efficient like the genuine spares offered by 247spares.

  1. The TFX Terrafugia flying car:

It has an excellent speed of 200 MPH and offers comfort in addition to speed.  Most flying cars have a limited capacity of carrying two passengers.  But this car can carry your entire family on vacation.

  1. Aeromobil Flying car:

This resembles a miniature fighter jet.   It is made up of lightweight carbon and has the lightest body among the flying cars.  In this car, the seat is fixed.  You can reposition the controls instead and have a comfortable journey.

  1. Ehang’s Autonomous Passenger drone:

It has a limited capacity of one passenger.  It has a GPS system.  The passenger has to key in the destination and remaining is taken care by the car.  It has an emergency landing system in case there is any malfunction during flight mode.

It generates our eagerness and enthusiasm to see these dream cars in reality at the earliest.