The area of Silicon Valley is not exactly unacquainted with the weed and marijuana culture, it’s not really a big woah moment when it’s one of the biggest places for innovation in the world of marijuana and they’ve really got some good products for marijuana usage.

Colorado officially legalized the usage of marijuana in 2012, the legalization of recreational marijuana in January 2014 was a great thing for the marijuana industry because of the countless opportunities created in which industries could now focus one without legal penalties and without having the fear of being arrested (so funny)

Although the good old bong and rolled up joint will probably not start going obselete, the new products that have been in the marijuana industry are a great new edition. From tech vapes to USB powered infusers, to easy grow pots and electronically monitored weed labs, there are tons of ways to use weed in ways that have not been thought of for such a long time.

The Peak Ruffalo weed device is a device that can warm up your marijuana in literally only 20 seconds and uses a USB for a charger, it can heat up so quickly you don’t even need to keep check on it, you just need to use it with another person and during a handoff you’ll do good. With the addition of a capacity of 4 more people, you can customize the amount of vape and amount of smoke you want in each hit.

In conclusion, the Peak Ruffalo is a great enhancement to the already great world of marijuana gadgetry, when can you use it, use it. It’s a great device and its portable to leading to some great usage statistics.