We almost lose our patience when we see our computer or laptop working in a sluggish mode and takes more than five minutes to show up a page. However, before purchasing a new one, try out these affordable and relatively easy techniques to boost up your computer speed.

  1. Quickly uninstall all the unused programs. In fact, this saves up a lot of space. All the modern PCs are installed with a whole load of programs and application that you do probably are not aware of or even do not know how to work on them. Even you might have downloaded many applications that had a one-time use.
  2. Constrain all the start-up programs. Some of the applications installed in your computer keep all time running in the background even if you are not using them. Further, it consumes the PC memory unnecessarily and thus, making it slow down in performance.
  3. Avoid the bloatware. These are the extra unwanted software that that ship with your computer and eventually speed it down. Programs are available for getting rid of these items.
  4. Clean up the hard drive using the dedicated cleaner software. This identifies all the large files residing within your machine, scan for the temporary internet files that get downloaded automatically and with your permission, it would discard all these.
  5. Defragmentation needs to be taken care of. There are some files that are scattered across the drive and machine takes time to access all the parts of the file. Select System and Security under Administrative tool to defrag a file.
  6. Use the instant boosting option to recreate a bit of extra memory and thus enhance the system performance.
  7. Put off all the unnecessary animations and fancy graphics. Take care to run the computer on essentials for quality functioning.
  8. Sometimes turning off ‘Web search’ can fasten your internet browsing. Moreover, cookies and cache can be avoided too.
  9. Upgrading RAM is a great way to powerful performance.
  10. Switch on to Solid state drive that is faster than the traditional type.

If you have tried with all these, consider packing your PC to pda device repair centre. They can surely help you.