Internet access on a yacht is no more a luxury but a necessity. Internet access is required to be connected with family and friends or to know of the latest news. On it can be really difficult to get internet connectivity and this is a major challenge. You not only want internet connectivity but high-speed internet that offers coverage that is consistent. It is also important that the internet charges are not very high.

Options to get high-speed internet when on a yacht

  • Opt for yacht Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi from mobiles has a major disadvantage that it does not offer high-speed Wi-Fi because of limitations in the range and thus does not offer a connection that is reliable.

The three-fi range extender is beneficial because it lets the Wi-Disconnect to long distances and the guests can enjoy a strong internet signal from anywhere on the yacht.

When you have Wi-Fi on a yacht then this has many advantages. The speed is pretty fast and the amount that you pay is low or sometimes free. The data offered is unlimited.

  • Use cellular and mobile data

The other way that you can get internet access on the yacht is to use a mobile or a cellular data plan. The amount that is spent on the smart box could instead be used to buy a higher data mobile allowance. But this could give rise to dead spots for which additional equipment are needed like a signal booster.

  • Satellite internet

A satellite system is best when you need more internet browsing when you are offshore. But this comes at a higher cost.


It is easy to stay connected when you are on a yacht sailing in the mid-seas. But it could be a little difficult to satisfy the high needs of fast internet. The good news is that there are many options available today, for example, 4yacht which provides the ultimate luxury with variety to choose from or you can decide on the speed that you wish for before you choose a connection. Also, keep the cost factor in mind.