A Complete List of the Most Important Laptop Features and Specifications

From more keen, more beautiful screens to extended battery life, below are the main highlights you can obtain on the latest laptop that your old one couldn’t coordinate.

Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C Ports

These ports can convey information and power through a solitary wire, enabling you to provide power to your workstation, generate videos to outside screens and duplicate records with only one wire. They are reversible, and you never need to stress over connecting them topsy-turvy.

HighResolution Screens

Lately, you can locate a moderate framework with a greater resolution monitor that permits you to perceive a greater amount of the work without delay as you see motion pictures as intended to be seen. In case you are ready to lavish further, you can discover many other workstations and best budget chromebooks that have much better resolution screens.

Intel Kaby Lake CPUs.

The main PC chip producer, Intel has lately updated its processors further ahead. These CPUs are significantly quicker, as well as guarantee essentially extended battery life and the capacity to run 4K recordings.


These are in excess of 300 % quicker, fundamentally altering your whole background on computing. It gives you an opportunity to boot quicker, wake the PC from rest quickly and open applications in the shortest time possible.

Infrared Camera

Presently, you can sign into a PC working on Windows 10 by peering at the monitor. This is known as the Windows Hello which can be utilized by using a laptop having real sense 3D or infrared camera that is inbuilt or else get a webcam having these features.

While shopping, search for a workstation that has these cameras in the specifications or records facial acknowledgment of Windows Hello as a component. You can additionally utilize it using a unique finger impression per user, however, that is considered to be fancy using it.

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How Does The Cortana Technology Work?

Cortana is an innovative and vibrant feature that is added to the newly released Microsoft Windows 10 software.

  • Basically, it is a voice-enabled digital or virtual assistant enhanced to process the user’s requests or complete any task given to it in a well-versed manner. Moreover, it has the built-in capability to foresee the future needs by finding relevant information in a personal context.

  • Additionally, this specific technology is so designed to suit the Android and iOS featured devices, the advanced Edge internet browser, the virtual reality-based 3D glasses and so on. They also support smart speakers and smart thermostats.

  • The recent analysis held by the Microsoft reveals that Cortana has been employed by more than 248 million individuals across the world. Presently, this super technology is described as the next generation tool in human-screen interaction.

  • Experiencing the new Windows is something really special as it is voice-driven by the cheery Cortana. Professionals named the current Microsoft to stand as unique especially because of the elevated productivity and intelligence level adopted by this particular technology.

Working of Cortana

It is quite interesting to note that the Cortana resides within theWindows 10 help center or say the Windows search toolbox and helps you in getting anything and everything in terms of data or information and that too instantly. In addition to this, they are embedded with the potential capabilities of machine learning and natural or regional language understanding that makes complicated things easier and rather helps to automate thins. For example

  • It can give you directions to find the top-rated or well-reviewed restaurants
  • Track and record any events by just talking to it
  • Create time-based reminders with added location and suggest alarming it at frequent intervals on that pre-specified day
  • Further, they are equipped with the accessibility feature to read out new emails and dictate replies by voice

Microsoft is all set to expand the databases and cloud-based services of Cortana to truly compete with its existing ecosystem of technology partners.…

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Best drones tech for aerial photography

Not all drones are made equal; drones meant for photography are significantly different from drones which are flown more as a hobby or for collecting any kind of data. Not all drones can capture terrific shots of objects from high up in the sky. For those awe-inspiring images, you must settle for nothing but the best drone meant exclusively for aerial photography.

How to find the best drones for aerial photography?

So, let’s start at the very beginning. Here are the key features that you must look for in your camera drone.

  1. Safety: Your drone must have a highly advanced drone controller to ensure the safety of the drone and the camera with it; a good controller will ensure that your drone is able to maneuver around any obstacles on the way.
  2. Imaging system: For that outstanding quality you must pay attention to the sensor size, ISO range and shutter speed of the camera. Look for at least 12 megapixels and a video of 4K.
  3. Gimbal: A good quality image must be wobble-free and that is possible only with the help of a quality gimbal. Do not opt for gimbals less than 2 axis or 3 axis for shake-free
  4. Transmission: The images thus captured must be transmitted successfully without any interference. Hence opt for systems which support 2.4GHz and 5.8Ghz frequencies for long-range transmission with minimal resistance.
  5. Additional features: Drones that can track the object, return home on their own when the battery is dying are features that are advantageous.
  6. Easy to repair: Camera drones are very delicate and are easy to damage. Repairs are expensive and hence you must opt for offers from manufacturers which give additional insurance and warranties.

So, if you wish to be the owner of awe-inspiring visuals do not delay in getting your own aerial drones.…

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