Modern Technology is the reason why we see so many advancements and improvements every day. From cars to smartphones, to every other gadget out there – modern technology has changed the way we used to do things. For example, once we used to send text messages to our friends and loved ones. Now it’s all about doing WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The whole idea of ‘modern’ technology is changing the natural course of one technology, to something more better and efficient. Therefore, following are some of the best examples one could obtain regarding modern technology.

Examples Of Modern Technology That Are Changing The Face Of The Earth

  • Social Media : After the launch of Facebook in 2004, the whole social media market erupted. Now you see Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and probably some other dozen social media sites. Connecting with people all over the world, sharing photos or videos, etc. never have been easier than this. For many people out there, uploading social media daily Instagram photos is a must. The social media will continue to evolve further in the later years.
  • Smartwatch : Gone are the days when watches only told you the time. Now smartwatches can show you not only time but track your steps, calories, measure the heart rate, show directions, messages, notifications, play music and whatnot.
  • Handheld Consoles : Playing games is a whole lot easier now, on the go with handhelds. With consoles like Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita, you can carry and play your games where ever you want. You don’t have to in front of your TV or computer to play real games now.
  • Smartphones : Smartphones have come a long way since the introduction of the original iPhone. Today, smartphones are used for gaming, internet browsing, video calling, shooting photos and so much more. People don’t need different devices to do different jobs now. Smartphones can do it all.
  • Self-Driving Cars : This is the modern technology that everyone is excited about. Imagine not having to drive anymore and still, your car reaches the desired destination by itself. Currently, under testing by Google and Tesla, self-driving cars are the best way to reduce road accidents and introduce more safety to driving.