Who would have thought that you could one day make money from the comfort of your row living room?

Well, till only a few decades ago, the idea of work meant moving out of the house to a physical place where the exchange of ideas and thoughts happened and you worked for a particular company or you started one of your own.

Today, you could not change out of your PJs and still be in bed yet be able to make hordes of money!


The wonders of the internet for you!

  1. Creating a profile on eBay!

You never thought this coming. But selling off things on an electronic option is a rage. Of course, you need to be really good at your marketing and salesmanship and remember to be a great seller. Customer service today is a thing!

  1. Write your heart away!

Is there a topic or a theme around which you are particularly passionate? Blogging on the subject could be for you. You need to be consistent with your writing and if your blogs become super active and take off, you will have lines of advertisers willing to set up advertisements there. Each time a reader clicks the ad, the company will pay you. How cool is that!

  1. Customizing clothes!

You can design clothes or print on them and deliver to the customer.

  1. Freelancing:

You could freelance as anything. A Writer, photographer, journalist, anything under the sun. Dream it and you can do it.

  1. Social media manager:

Using social media to create awareness of products and services can mean a lot of money. You could volunteer to review goods and services and get perks to form the company.

  1. Financial consultancy:

A lot of people out there need help in balancing and bookkeeping and also with determining their tax values. Freelancing in finance is a great option if you have it in you.

  1. Couponing: You could save a lot of money on your shopping if you clip coupons. I love to do it in my free time on CouponoBox. It is a rewarding experience.

  1. Customer service executives:

Doubling up as customer service from home is a boon of technology. You could work whence the kids are at school or in bed.

  1. Tutoring:

Teaching in the online space with virtual classroom has taken off in a big way!

  1. Selling handicraft:

If you have a creative art and the dexterity, make and sell away on sites such as Etsy. You will love the fulfilling experience we bet.…