Tech addiction is real. And today it is a problem haunting not just the adults but also the youngsters and kids. Are your kids finding it difficult to exercise their social skills? Do you find any abrupt changes in their sleeping habits? Have you noticed changes in their temper? Have their grades been dropping? All of these could be red flags possibly indicating tech addiction. You can’t restrict the use of gadgets altogether. Classrooms today extensively use tech through video lectures and more. And for the generation that would be relying heavily on tech skills at home and in the workplace the best thing to do would be to introduce the concept of smart use of technology.

Open the doors

Encourage kids to keep the door open when they use their computer or gaming devices. Show interest in joining them in their games and this would be a wiser and a friendlier way to encourage them to be open about what they play and what they do on the internet.

Parental control software

There are apps for smartphones and software options for computers to integrate parental coral controls. These help set timers to restrict the duration of usage. Also, they can be used to block harmful sites. Parents can also monitor the internet activity of their children and understand how much time they spend on the internet. This helps identify addiction and curb it at an early stage.

Encourage sports and games

Sports and physical activities like swimming or cycling should be a part of the kids’ daily life. This helps keep them healthy. Another useful practice is to motivate them to learn a musical instrument or any other form of art that they might like.

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