A Complete Guide: How to Help Your Kids With Their Technology Addiction

Tech addiction is real. And today it is a problem haunting not just the adults but also the youngsters and kids. Are your kids finding it difficult to exercise their social skills? Do you find any abrupt changes in their sleeping habits? Have you noticed changes in their temper? Have their grades been dropping? All of these could be red flags possibly indicating tech addiction. You can’t restrict the use of gadgets altogether. Classrooms today extensively use tech through video lectures and more. And for the generation that would be relying heavily on tech skills at home and in the workplace the best thing to do would be to introduce the concept of smart use of technology.

Open the doors

Encourage kids to keep the door open when they use their computer or gaming devices. Show interest in joining them in their games and this would be a wiser and a friendlier way to encourage them to be open about what they play and what they do on the internet.

Parental control software

There are apps for smartphones and software options for computers to integrate parental coral controls. These help set timers to restrict the duration of usage. Also, they can be used to block harmful sites. Parents can also monitor the internet activity of their children and understand how much time they spend on the internet. This helps identify addiction and curb it at an early stage.

Encourage sports and games

Sports and physical activities like swimming or cycling should be a part of the kids’ daily life. This helps keep them healthy. Another useful practice is to motivate them to learn a musical instrument or any other form of art that they might like.

The best toys can set the right stage and kindle their interests. Find the most popular toys in various categories on StarWalkKids website.

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The Best Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

Gone are those days, the home security concept was just securing the windows and locking the doors. The times have changed now. With the advent of technology, there are varied home security products that have been introduced in the market.  Now the marketplace is filled with different types of devices which could be installed in your house and provides peace of mind and security in just minutes. Also other than protection, even there are varied products available in the market to keep your house neat and clean. You could check out bedbug removal glasgow to know more about it.

Below mentioned are a few gadgets that are available in the market to keep your house safe.

Electric door lock- Now the smart electric door lock that’s available in the market looks identical to the normal key lock.  You can easily install it using the screwdriver.  The lock is compatible with any ios device or Android. It makes use of Bluetooth technology and you don’t have to worry about the Wi-Fi networks security issues.

Home monitoring systems- The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products are so common today that it’s quite easy you to piece together the home monitoring system which can do everything from the audio and video monitoring to motion detection and air quality. Most of the products are affordable too and a few items of a home monitoring system that can be easily installed are:

Multipurpose sensors (temperature, humidity, light, motion, and vibration)

  • Wireless cameras
  • Smart outlets
  • Motion detectors
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Lights, alarms, and sirens

You can get any of these gadgets fixed in your home or you can choose any one or two according to your preference.  Once you get these gadgets installed at your home, you can go for a vacation with free mind without any tension of break-ins.

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Top Ten Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Who would have thought that you could one day make money from the comfort of your row living room?

Well, till only a few decades ago, the idea of work meant moving out of the house to a physical place where the exchange of ideas and thoughts happened and you worked for a particular company or you started one of your own.

Today, you could not change out of your PJs and still be in bed yet be able to make hordes of money!


The wonders of the internet for you!

  1. Creating a profile on eBay!

You never thought this coming. But selling off things on an electronic option is a rage. Of course, you need to be really good at your marketing and salesmanship and remember to be a great seller. Customer service today is a thing!

  1. Write your heart away!

Is there a topic or a theme around which you are particularly passionate? Blogging on the subject could be for you. You need to be consistent with your writing and if your blogs become super active and take off, you will have lines of advertisers willing to set up advertisements there. Each time a reader clicks the ad, the company will pay you. How cool is that!

  1. Customizing clothes!

You can design clothes or print on them and deliver to the customer.

  1. Freelancing:

You could freelance as anything. A Writer, photographer, journalist, anything under the sun. Dream it and you can do it.

  1. Social media manager:

Using social media to create awareness of products and services can mean a lot of money. You could volunteer to review goods and services and get perks to form the company.

  1. Financial consultancy:

A lot of people out there need help in balancing and bookkeeping and also with determining their tax values. Freelancing in finance is a great option if you have it in you.

  1. Couponing: You could save a lot of money on your shopping if you clip coupons. I love to do it in my free time on CouponoBox. It is a rewarding experience.

  1. Customer service executives:

Doubling up as customer service from home is a boon of technology. You could work whence the kids are at school or in bed.

  1. Tutoring:

Teaching in the online space with virtual classroom has taken off in a big way!

  1. Selling handicraft:

If you have a creative art and the dexterity, make and sell away on sites such as Etsy. You will love the fulfilling experience we bet.…

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Fintech: The Future of Money

Although fusing new budgetary innovation involves chances, proactive administrators can discover an abundance of chances to utilize hazard to control their organization’s execution.

Fin-tech is super hot

Clients have grasped the possibility of the on-request fund, on account of portable and distributed computing. The patterns demonstrate that individuals are more open to dealing with their cash and venture on the web, and they’re not eager to endure the occasionally icy rate and administration of certain customary money related administrations.

Generally speaking, the fin-tech segment is intensely hot, with customary budgetary establishments expanding their fin-tech speculations and contending with new companies to offer money related administrations items quicker and all the more proficiently with Fully Verified’ss video based KYC.

Here are a few bits of knowledge on the eventual fate of fin-tech.

Monetary firms are bouncing into fin-tech

Countless customers are making the forceful move to decide how they can utilize these advancements inside their biological systems. They are going about as financial speculators and putting resources into their inward ventures to perceive what particular issues these advancements can comprehend.

Capable blockchain gains are developing

Blockchain really dispenses with the requirement of a focal middle person to do resource exchanges. The resource exchanges aren’t constrained to cash. They might even be home sales, motor vehicles, titles, and so forth. Blockchain ensures productivity. As for the settlements, it can take a few days time. Blockchain packs into one stage that should be possible inside a couple of moments.

Thus, there are numerous budgetary administrations industry divisions that can foster execution by utilizing this innovation to build exchange pace and clarity.

Regulators are having enthusiasm in fin-tech

There’s been an advancement to enable regulators to maintain in line with and encourage blockchain development. They are effectively observing, however, providing options for the players to make sense of things. The test is offsetting advancement with hazard and controls.

Execution can prompt operational difficulties

Fin-tech and other rising problematic advances produce energy, yet with the interruption comes alterations to existing design and the formation of new execution and arrangement requirements.…

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How to Use a Marine GPS: 5 Steps

Sailing is a thrilling experience for the people who love the ocean and loves to travel. Now there are many yachts are available either for rent or sale in different sizes and with different features. You can look around here to get more idea about the yachts available.

Marine GPS is quite a necessity when you are on water as there are no signals, no roads or light during night time for proper guidance for the boat. Without the GPS navigation, it will be tough to reach point B from point A without facing any issues.

Carefully read the manual- The first thing you need to do is to read the manual which you get along with the GPS device. You will be able to get the basic idea about terminologies and idea by just reading the manual.

Properly install the GPS unit on the boat- There are usually two kinds of GPS units, the ones with external antennas and the other ones with internal antennas. The internal ones are used for small boats whereas the external ones are used for bigger boats which need to be installed on top of the vessel and have direct connect to satellites.

Make sure that the appropriate map is installed- You cannot use the GPS directly without installing the map. You need to choose the map of your area and install it.  The marine GPS has a screen which shows the position of your boat.

Select the destination- You need to choose the destination you wish to go by tapping on the destination. You can zoom in or out to get more specific details about the location.

Know about the basic function of GPS- You need to get adjusted with all the functions of GPS other than just picking the destination. The latest GPS device gives more information about the region you plan to travel.

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The Ultimate 3D Design Tips

3D designing is easy, 3D designing is hard!

I know, I said that in much the same breath!!

But believe me, that is the way it is!!!

If anyone thinks that 3d printing after visualization of it in 3d is easy then they must work hands-on on it to understand that it is not so much easy after all. And then if you think that printing such models is very hard, then yet again you must try it hands on to know that it is all a mental block.

Here is a list of the top design tips that 3d printers across the globe agree upon:

  1. Knowing the nature of the material that you are working on:

It is important that the person who is working in a 3D architectural visualizing and rendering studio or any other workshop to understand material science. The material’s nature will vary and that is what the person in charge will have to bear in mind.

  1. Keep in mind that printing technologies vary for different purposes and material:

Aluminum and silver cannot be designed and printed in a similar way using 3D printing. Similarly, there is a vast difference between printing in rubber or polymer-based material and in metals. So, the printer will not just have to be different but the printing technology itself will be different for all the different products. It is a good idea to check websites of various labs and studios which provide an easy guide for the material and the technology that is most apt for printing them.

  1. Determining the optimum wall thickness:

This can be a dicey thing. Thin product wall thickness can make a weak print and can give away at the slightest effort or force. Again, a thick product wall can induce too much stress and can make for a brittle print.

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