The technology used for the benefit of the nation is the ultimate goal, which an advanced nation is looking at. However, there are concerns on bringing the use of Blockchain technology into the mainstream and help in the online voting system, the question sets a lot of feedbacks, discussions on using the advancement in this field for a better and fair democracy. The people should find it acceptable, safe and secure to give unrigged result would have clean slate without the politics at play.

The participation of more voters in the process of choosing a leader to steer the nation in the development and clean administration of policies for a better country with unchallengeable records are looking to be more positive than the traditional way of voting which has been happening for decades. As block chain is being widely used, there lies a small glitch in how safe is the cybersecurity? As technology is growing, check out the reviews at trulycoin on how many hackers are laying their hands on to erode the wallets of people and wipe of many companies in their bid to overpower the websites and completely blocking important and sensitive data.

There came a situation when a lot of political chaos amidst the political campaign, that there were recommendations from the US Rep to disconnect the voting machine from the internet. The constant debate of using the physical paper to vote as the fundamental right of the citizen to vote with their own personal experience and accurately cannot be judged with a faulty vote due to network issues, which would alter the votes or possible hacking phenomena. the process of using Blockchain in voting is much cleaner with no mess in all the counting as all are automated, however, to go back and recheck is not possible in this technology nor can they be altered or deleted.