The Sudbury School model is an education system named after Sudbury Valley School founded in 1968 in the Framingham, Massachusetts. The sudbury model is a democratic system and has been used in dozens of private schools and educational institutions around the world. At this time there are over 40 Sudbury schools in the the world. One major difference between conventional schools and sudbury school is that sudbury system does not have any tests, evaluations, transcripts, etc. The school does not compare or rank it's students. This policy helps create atmosphere free of competition between the students and encourages pleasant learning environment. Supporters of the Sudbury claim that this strategy doesn't hurt the students in any way, though transition to the usual grading system encountered in all colleges and universities can be challenging. Some recent studies show that 80% of alumni of Sudbury Valley school graduate from college and later go on to have successful careers. No similar studies have been conducted at other schools, but anecdotal evidence suggest that other Sudbury schools have similar successful results.

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